Road Right of Way

State Statute 86.04 addresses right of way encroachments. Plantings, crops, vegetation, fences, buildings, or any other structure or object within the road right of way has the potential to create a safety hazard, may make it difficult for the town to perform routine road maintenance and may interfere with existing utilities and/or traffic control devices (stop signs, speed limit signs, no passing signs etc.) The Town of Norrie will take action to correct such obstructions.

This will be at the owners expense. For reference, the right of way on a 4 rod road is 33' from the centerline.

The township will also enforce Wisconsin Statute 86.01, and 346.94 prohibiting pushing snow onto or across the roadway or into the public right of way from side roads and driveways. Cleanup of snow in the roadway will also be at property owner's expense.